Kelsey, Graham

Professor Emeritus


Research Interests

Individual research Interests

Governance and management of non-profit organizations
Development and operation of community arts organizations


Research and Education


Cambridge University1958MAModern Languages
University of Alberta1973Ph DEducational Administration

Research Projects

Selected Publications

Recent publications (since 2005)

Kelsey, Graham and Hunt, G. (2005). Arts and Culture and the Cariboo Regional District. Invited presentation to the Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors.

Kelsey, Graham (2005). Arts and Culture and City Councils in the North Central Interior. Invited presentation to Quesnel City Council.

Kelsey, Graham (2005). The Arts and Our Health. Arts North30 (4), 4-6

Kelsey, Graham (2006). Grant Getting: A Different Sort of Art. Arts North, 31(4), 4-6. Reprinted in Community Arts Connect, (2007, 2010)

Kelsey, Graham (2007). Arts Councils and their Governance. Paper presented to the Regional Meeting of the Central Interior Regional Arts Council. Burns Lake, BC.

Kelsey, Graham (2008). Community Arts Councils and BC Arts Council Grants. Invited presentation to the Central Interior Regional Arts Council. Quesnel, BC.

Kelsey, Graham (2009). CIRAC: What Difference in a Decade? Arts North, 34 (4) 3-6.

Kelsey, Graham (2011). Space for Art: The Case of Williams Lake and the Central Cariboo. Arts North, 36 (1), 7-8.

Kelsey, Graham (2011). Arts and culture make for a healthy society. Williams Lake Tribune, March 29 2011.

Kelsey, Graham (2011). Investment in Community. A Submission to the BC Community Gaming Grant Review, 2011.

Kelsey, Graham (2019) Arts and Culture in the Central Cariboo: An Overview and Analysis of the Effects of Public Funding. Williams Lake, Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society, Summer, 2019.

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University Teaching Prize, UBC. (1993)
Distinguished Service Award of the Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration. (1994)
“Just Desserts” Award for Service to Students, Alma Mater Society, UBC. (1997)
Named Foundation Honorary Fellow of Green College, UBC. (1999)
Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. (2012)
Main room in the Central Cariboo Arts Centre named “Graham Kelsey Room”. (2016)
President’s Award for Distinguished Service by UBC Emeriti (2021)


Mailing address:

#408 3621 West 26th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6S 1P2