May 18, 2021

‘Writing for Peer Reviewed Journals’ by Professor Claudia Ruitenberg

This month brings to you a joint session of two important series, Writing for Publishing Series (inaugural session) and Proposal Writing Series (third session), for which details are offered below.

“Writing for Publishing – an Editor’s Perspective” Series

Understanding the process of writing for publishing our work is a critical aspect of our growth as academics. This series has been initiated to help build capacity for publications through conversations around what it is that journal editors are looking for in a quality paper, with specific reference to the journals that they have (guest)edited or have had the editorial/ review responsibilities for. Thus, it offers more specific advice from an Editor’s perspective i.e. the “other” side of the publication story.

“Proposal Writing for  Scholarships and Funding” Workshop Series

Critical reflections on last year’s application process clarified for us the need among students for more help not just in putting together a high quality application, but also in planning ahead, and understanding all the critical steps involved towards a great application. Consequently, in consultation with Dr Amy Metcalfe, we have organized this workshop series to enrich students’ understanding and skills in this important area.

Event Title: ‘Writing for Peer Reviewed Journals’ by Professor Claudia Ruitenberg

Date and time: Tuesday, May 18, 12:00-1:00pm PDT
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Description: This workshop will help you decide how to turn a good idea into a good manuscript for a relevant scholarly journal. It is part both of the “Writing for Publishing” series and the “Proposal Writing” series, as applications for scholarships and fellowships are strengthened by a record of publications. Questions that will be addressed in the workshop include:

  • My course paper got an A! Is it ready to submit to a journal? What is the difference between a good course paper and a strong journal manuscript?
  • My scholarship application would be stronger if I had some publications. How can I get some publications on my CV?
  • How do I select a scholarly journal to submit my article manuscript?
  • What do reviewers look for in a manuscript?
  • What is the difference between a “decline” and “revise and resubmit”?

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