Update Profile

For Faculty – Updating your own profile – New simplified version



Log in to CMS



  • Go to CMS.UBC.CA to make sure you are logged in (right side)

  • If you are NOT logged in, Click Login underneath “Already a user”

    Just a handful of you don’t have a CMS account yet, (you need this to access editing of your page, the system will tell you after you try to log in). If that is the case, go back to this page to create a CMS account with your CWL (click login underneath “New user”) and follow on-screen instructions. Please email carl.luk@ubc.ca when you are done and I will set it up for you.

  • Log in if prompted


Go to EDST Website profile page


  • Alternatively, go to EDST Faculty page https://edst.educ.ubc.ca/people/faculty

  • Scroll down and Click your own name

  • Do you see an “Edit Public Profile” button on the top black bar? If so click it and edit your page

Email carl.luk@ubc.ca if you have questions.


Edit your profile

Email carl.luk@ubc.ca if you cannot access this page


  • Fill in the applicable fields

  • Remember to click “UPDATE”  (Right side bar near the top) to save your progress


Images, Files and Research Interests



  • If you need to update your photo, upload a file, or add a research interest, let me know at carl.luk@ubc.ca.

    The system may not let you do it so I will do that for you.