Educational Studies

As an off-campus cohort, the Professional Development & Community Engagement unit supports this EDST program. Click here for a more thorough overview of this program, including application information.

EDST is pleased to offer a new MEd cohort program in Education for Sustainability
in partnership with CityStudio and City of Vancouver.

This partnership program features an Adaptive Education model, which builds a pedagogical bridge that ties the project and classroom to the community. Participants will consult on, experiment with, and co-create solutions that address problems which come to light in the course of working with the City of Vancouver on sustainability priorities. The unique structure of this program includes a body of advisers and experts that support classroom-based research projects and instructors who act as research designers to facilitate group projects with real-world outcomes. Participants will:

  • Develop a critical awareness of the concepts of education and sustainability, how they relate, and their implications;
  • Demonstrate their learning throughout the program, thereby increasing their employability;
  • Build their abilities to work with governments and other partners by collaborating with city staff on sustainability policies; and
  • Embody the knowledge and skills associated with community building, political engagement, social movement participation, real-world research,  design, dialogue, network building, and knowledge dissemination.

Who Should Apply?

Individuals who want to help achieve sustainability by:

  • Building dialogue, presentation, and research skills for shaping local political processes;
  • Experimenting with systemic interventions in everyday social practices to influence public policy for sustainability;
  • Promoting significant educative experiences in diverse settings;
  • Conceiving and consulting with others on original ideas;
  • Maintaining a personal portfolio that combines achievements and reflective learning; and
  • Mobilizing a social movement using technology, art, and/or craft in innovative ways.