Sep 24, 2019

Sep 24, 2019 (Tue)
New Start Time
– 12pm
PCOH 2012 (Ponderosa Commons Oak House)

Dr. Sam Rocha
Associate Professor
EDST (Educational Studies)

In past EDST workshops, I have focused on how to write and, most recently, how to edit. In both cases, I have made the assertion that writing and editing require reading. My analogy has been that trying to write without reading would be like trying to run a marathon after only eating a cracker. But how does one read? Is there a way to read that is especially conducive to writing?

In this workshop, I will explore this question with concrete tips on ways of reading that should benefit anyone who would like to see their reading as fuel for writing. In a sense, this is a workshop on how to read for the sake of writing, but I will take it a bit further as a time to contemplate what reading is and what value it might have in its own right.