April 19, 2017

EDST Student Sonia Medel interviewed on Roundhouse Radio

EDST PhD student Sonia Medel was interviewed on her scholarship and community engagements on Roundhouse Radio’s Sense of Place. In the interview, Sonia shared with the audience how she bridges between her academic studies and her community- oriented practice. She also spoke about the current disaster situation in Peru emphasizing that the notion of ‘development’ needs to […]


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April 3, 2017

Dr. Mona Gleason part of History of Education Salon

EDST Professor Mona Gleason is one of four distinguished historians of education featured in the ISCHE History of Education Salon series. Watch her video, “Education and the Body”, here or on the ISCHE website.  


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March 23, 2017

EDST Student Rabia Mir in the Tyee

EDST MA student Rabia Mir has opinion piece on refugees in Canada published in the Tyee: There’s Another Way for Canadians to Help Refugees Providing aid and support to camps may have a broader, longer-term impact than resettlement.   Read the article here.  


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March 17, 2017

Upcoming Panel: Borders in the 21st Century

Panelists include EDST Associate Professor Vanessa Andreotti and the discussion will be organized around four main themes: (1) Economic Globalization, Neoliberalism and Free Trade, (2) Border Imperialism, Islamophobia and Settler Colonialism, (3) Whiteness and the Rise of White Nationalism in the West, and (4) Resistance and Seeking Change. Each theme will have a series of […]


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March 15, 2017

Congratulations to Leslie G. Roman & Gerald Fallon and their dis/artist team, Rena del Rena Del Pieve Gobbi & Cathy Browne on their Haagenson grant

Professor Leslie G. Roman & Associate Professor Gerald Fallon are the recipients of a Haagenson grant along with RA consultants Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, mental health advocate & film-maker, and Cathy Browne, a blind photographer and accessibility advocate who is Vice Chair of the city’s Persons’ with Disabilities Advisory Committee (featured in this recent issue […]


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March 14, 2017

EDST Grad Amea Wilbur on CBC News

Amea Wilbur, a graduate of the EdD program, was featured in an article about a unique English class which addresses the trauma and loss refugees and immigrants have faced. The program is privately funded and offers women-only classes where participants and able to bring their children. Amea created the program after seeing a gap in […]


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March 1, 2017

EDST Graduate Ryan van den Berg receives 2017 Thesis Award of the CPES

EDST MA graduate Ryan van den Berg has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Thesis Award of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (CPES). Congratulations! The reviewers who read Ryan’s thesis, Canadian Civic Education, Deliberative Democracy, and Dissent (December, 2016), were unanimous in assessing its strengths in argumentation, comprehensive skill in handling a […]


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February 15, 2017

2017 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) Small Grant Awards

 Congratulations to two EDST faculty members on their success in the recent Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) – Small Grant competition: Dr. Alison Taylor– “The Learning Exchange as a hub of experiential learning”, has been awarded $33,105 in 2017. Dr. Robert Vanwynsberghe – “Developing assessment tools for evaluating key competencies in sustainability across programs at UBC”, […]


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February 14, 2017

EDST’s Dr. André Mazawi to give guest lecture at Georgetown University

Dr. André Mazawi, EDST, will be delivering a guest lecture at the inaugural opening of the Clovis Maksoud Memorial Lecture Series on Arab Human Development and Patterns of Inequality. It will be held at the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University on February 16th.  The Lecture is entitled: Dis/integrated political orders, adversity, and the […]


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February 7, 2017

Claudia Ruitenberg appointed as Academic Director, UBC Vantage College

Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg, Associate Professor of Philosophy in EDST, has been appointed as the new Academic Director of UBC Vantage College. In addition to her undergraduate and graduate teaching experience and her research in philosophy of education, she brings experience in curriculum development and currently serves as Graduate Advisor in EDST. UBC Vantage College is […]


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