Primary Author & Co-AuthorsOrgTitle LinkPageProceeding YearPresentation Type
Abu Qaddum, WesalCASAERevolutionary research in global timesCASAE 2020 proceedings5602020Roundtable
Adelino, Lucas & Leslie
Ann Cordie
CASAETransformative faculty development: Professional
learning through an ePortfolio assessment institute
Aggarwal, Pramila; Bill
Fallis & Bob Luker
CASAEThe role of adult educators in citizen engagementAggarwal.pdf2021Roundtable
Agger-Gupta, Niels &
Catherine Etmanski
CASAEEngaged action-oriented research: A call to
participatory leadership and action for transformation
Alamprese, Judith; Daphne
Greenberg & Jan Frijters
AAACEMotivation and adult learners: Lessons from researchAlamprese.pdf2021Panel
Alhadeff-Jones, MichelESREABetween continuity and discontinuity: Conceiving
the rhythms of transformative processes in adult education
Anderson Sathe, Laurie; Tes
Cotter Zakrzewski, Alessandra Romano, Anne-Liisa Longmore & Debbie
AERCTransformative listening across global contexts:
Fostering authentic connection to self, other and community
Anderson Sathe.pdf2021Paper
Andre, Gwenaëlle; Virginie Thériault & Suzanne SmytheCASAEBeyond inclusion: Critical digital literacies and
technology practices of power
Assinger, PhilippESREAValidation of competences and continuing education
and training in the wood-processing industries
CASAE 2020 proceedings322020Paper
Atta, MaiCASAEMapping three waves of political and citizenship
education in Egypt
Auzinger, Monika &
Karin Luomi-Messerer
ESREAVET at higher levels: Reflections on change
processes during the last two decades in Europe
Avoseh, Mejai BolaISCAEMẹdagbe and the challenges of sustainable
development in global times
Baden-Clay, AdamCASAETransformative learning in the Pathy Foundation
Fellowship: A case study of alumnx experiences
Bainbridge, Alan &
Linden West
SCUTREAWhen trauma haunts: Creating dialogical adult
education in extremis
Balayn, Magali (F)CASAEPerspective goffmannienne de l’entretien de
recherche des kaïros d’autoformation : la relation interlocutive
participant au processus d’émancipation du sujet
Bano, Sara;
Qing Xia & John Dirkx
Unpacking the notions of cultural learning in
short-term study abroad programs in the U.S. for Chinese undergraduate
No file2021Roundtable
Barros, RosannaESREAIs there room for the right to education of adults
in global times? Reflections from a national policy agenda of Southern Europe
Bauer, Petra; Kim Deutsch
& Marie Dietrich
AAACEQuestioning the existing and find your own way:
Life and vision
CASAE 2020 proceedings502020Paper
Baumgartner, Lisa M.;
Joanna Ellis, Kris Hollingsworth & Courtney Peebles
AERCLearning about COVID-19: Sources, trustworthiness,
and beliefs
Bélisle, Rachel;
Sylvie Roy & Évelyne Mottais
Une communauté active dans le maintien des
compétences en lecture et en écriture des adultes sans
études postsecondaires
CASAE 2020 proceedings552021Paper
Belzer, AlisaAAACEThe imagined learner in Adult Basic Education
policy: An international comparison 
CASAE 2020 proceedings622020Paper
Benjamin, Amanda; Melissa
White & Kendra Haines
CASAEStill on the rocks: Neoliberalism and adult education in New
Biasin, Chiara & Karen
ESREALearning after motherhood: UK women’s
retrospective narratives on the impact of having a child in the life course
Blackburn Miller, JenniferISCAEDeveloping empathy through social justice theatre
in the U.S. and Northern Ireland
Bohonos, Jeremy W.; Sunny
L. Munn, Tonette S. Rocco, Schane D. Coker, Myrian Vidal-Herlle & Mikki
L. Johnson
AERCExploring issues of power in formal mentoring
Bracci, Francesca &
Alessandra Romano
AAACEPractical creativity and creative practices.
Between the head and the hand
Brigham, Susan & Brenda
CASAEAnti-oppressive adult education: Reflections from
queer, feminist, and critical race perspectives
Brion, Corinne & Carol
CASAEA journey across the borders of culture, research
& identity
Broadhead, Samantha J.SCUTREAMature graduates and visual culture learning
communities:  Working through the
Covid-19 pandemic
CASAE 2020 proceedings752020Paper
Brooks, Ann; Rey Lopez,
Cindy Peña, Esther Pippins & Yidan Zhu
AAACEIntergenerational learning: What female family
members are learning from each other
Buddeberg, Klaus;
Christopher Stammer, Gregor Dutz & Lisanne Heilmann
ESREACritical digital competences as a prerequisite to
navigate through global flows of information: Findings from a large-scale
survey in Germany
CASAE 2020 proceedings822020Paper
Buergelt, Petra; Aliki
Nicolaides, John Buck, Marguerite Welch, Alexis Kokkos, Renee Owen, George
Koulaouzides, Claudio Melacarne & Mina Wilson
CASAEGovernance in complex and dynamic global contexts:
Importance and characteristics that facilitate transformation through adult
Butterwick, Shauna &
Jan Selman
CASAEUsing participatory theatre to disrupt reactive and
divisive public discourse: Arts-based opportunities in adult education
CASAE 2020 proceedings912020Paper
Cadei, Livia & Stefano
ESREADevelopment of learning careers and professional
identities in social and health professions: From tutoring to self-tutoring
Cain, Margaret L.; Jennifer
L. Kushner & Cassidy G. Thomas
AERCTheorizing embodied, collective and societal
learning through prefigurative social movements
Caples, Linda D.AERC Implementing theory of planned behavior in
health profession education in Ghana
Portfolio authenticity: How raters' positionality
and students' social mediated learning influence the validity of the
assessment process
No file2021Roundtable
Carpenter, Sara; Paula
Elias, Zahro Hassan & Lance McCready
CASAEWalls built upon walls: Understanding
intersectional barriers to post-secondary education
CASAE 2020 proceedings982020Panel
Cennamo, Irene; Catherine
Etmanski, Monika Kastner & Silke Schreiber-Barsch
ESREABringing counter-hegemonic spaces to the fore: An
international exchange on researching and theorizing (transformative) adult
learning and education
CASAE 2020 proceedings1072020Panel
Chang, BoCASAEThe origin and boundaries of learning communityChang.pdf2021Paper
Charles-Forbes, ShurlaCASAEExamination of reasons for workplace training
participation/non-participation of employees within Canadian universities
CASAE 2020 proceedings2212020Roundtable
Cherewka, Alexis &
Esther Prins
CASAEWIOA-Title II implementation: An integrative
literature review
Cherrstrom, Catherine A.;
Carrie J. Boden, Todd Sherron & Lindsey Wilson
AERCPrior learning assessment: Systematic review of
academic literature
Choi, Jinhee & Esther
AERC“I Embrace my ashes”: North Korean
migrants learning about entrepreneurship from failure
CASAE 2020 proceedings1222020Paper
Clover, Darlene E. &
Kathy Sanford
CASAEThe engendering public pedagogies of museum
languages: A feminist pedagogical scripto-visual discourse analysis
CASAE 2020 proceedings1382020Paper
Collin, Kaija; Soila
Lemmetty & Sara Keronen
ESREAHuman resource management practices enhancing and
constraining workplace learning and creativity in Finnish growth
Collins, Joshua C.; Tobin
Lopes, Jill Zarestky & Ellen Scully-Russ
AERCLearning at work in female-dominated and
male-dominated industries: A PIAAC study
CASAE 2020 proceedings1452020Paper
Collins, Royce Ann &
Connie Carpenter
AERCFormal and informal learning transfer in the
CASAE 2020 proceedings1512020Paper
Cook, Laurie AnnCASAEExploring the potential of a spiritual approach to
entrepreneurship education: Building resiliency and adaptability to help
marginalized youth cope with the ‘Long Tail’ of the economic
impact of Covid 19
Corkum, TrevorCASAEThe island as classroom: Space, place, and migrant
youth on Prince Edward Island 
Coryell, Joellen, Maria
Cinque, Monica Fedeli, Angelina Lapina Salazar & Concetta Tino
SCUTREAEuropean university internationalization, English
as the medium of instruction, and instructional professional development:
Italian faculty perspectives on teaching international graduate students
Daffron, Sandra R.CASAEPlanning programs to address wicked problemsDaffron.pdf2021Roundtable
Dahl, AudreyCASAEContribution de la connaissance des organisations
communautaires dans la compréhension de la pauvreté des
CASAE 2020 proceedings1592020Paper
Daniels, Donna; Elizabeth
Wigdorski, Neal Ricks, Corinne Brion, Davin Carr-Chellman & Michael Kroth
CASAEProfound learning of end of life caregiversDaniels.pdf2021Paper
Del Gobbo, Giovanna;
Daniela Frison & Marta Pellegrini
CASAEInternship-ON: A work-integrated learning digital
Del Gobbo.pdf2021Paper
Devine-Rinehart, Tamara;
Michael A. Newsom, Elizabeth Proctor & Carol Rogers-Shaw
CASAECreating a culture of learning care in online
doctoral study
Devol, Tiffany & Qi SunAERCADHD and mindfulness: Looking to Eastern thought to
expand Western practice
CASAE 2020 proceedings1672020Roundtable
Dickson, NicolaCreating delicate spaces: Engaging
‘vulnerable’ young women in non-formal, arts-informed adult
No file2021Poster
Egan, John P.CASAEOnline unlearning:  How Auckland New Zealand Queer young
men navigate between “Virginity” and “Netflix and
Egetenmeyer, Regina;
Reinhard Lechner, Nina Treusch & Silke Grafe
ESREADimensions for successful digitalisation and
mediatisation in adult and continuing education: Initial empirical findings
on institutional and organisational contexts
CASAE 2020 proceedings1782020Paper
El Ourmi, Mohammed; Angela
Barthes, Rebecca Shankland, France Arboix-Calas, Todd Lubart &
Hélène Hagège
CASAEÉtude de l’impact d’une
formation laïque à l’éthique impliquant la
méditation et la réflexivité (FÉMR) sur
l’éducation socio-émotionnelle de jeunes adultes
Ellis, Joanna R. SCUTREAGeek out: Community health education with
scientific flare
CASAE 2020 proceedings1872020Roundtable
English, Paul FrancisCASAEApplying Argyris to occupational safety:
Understanding double-loop learning in safety
Eschenbacher, SaskiaAERCTransformative learning theory, a theory in
progress? Thoughts from a Habermasian perspective
Faller, Pierre; Irina
Lokhtina, Andrea Galimberti & Elzbieta Sanojca
CASAEDeveloping Gen Y competencies: Comparing and
contrasting four work integrated learning approaches across national contexts
Federighi, Paolo; Giovanna
Del Gobbo & Daniela Frison
AAACEA micro-traineeship model to encourage
self-directed guidance in higher education of lifelong learning professionals
CASAE 2020 proceedings1912020Roundtable
Finnegan, Fergal; Barbara
Merrill, Bernd Käpplinger & Michel Alhadeff
CASAECritical research on adult education: Reflecting on
politics, temporalities and the limits of how we understand and experience
Flegg, CarolCASAEUsing arts-based learning to explore the social
determinants of health: A case study of critical reflection in Community
Health Nursing
CASAE 2020 proceedings2052020Paper
Flynn, PatrickAERC“Circumstantially Volatile”: A
narrative study of the lived first-year experience at a New England liberal
arts college
CASAE 2020 proceedings2132020Paper
Formenti, Laura; Maria
Gravani, Emilio Lucio-Villegas Ramos, Barbara Merrill & Cristina Vieira
ESREADiversity: A dialogue about researching
communities, gender, class and migrants in Europe
Giffin, Amber Lane &
Mitsunori Misawa
AERCPracticing ethical research to empower sexual
assault survivors in higher education: An international perspective
Gillard, Spring; Natalia
Balyasnikova & Betsy Alkenbrack 
CASAESomething fun: Enhancing English language learning
for adult immigrants through the arts
CASAE 2020 proceedings2312020Panel
Glowacki-Dudka, Michelle
& Amy Baize-Ward
AAACENot imposters: Women in leadership overcoming
Imposter Syndrome
CASAE 2020 proceedings2402020Roundtable
Gnanadass, Edith; Wendy
Griswold & Donna Menke
AERCHuman sustainability: Collaborative learning for
health and well-being in the academy
Godden, Lorraine &
Sandy Youmans
CASAEAdult education in Eastern Ontario: A collective
pursuit of collaboration and innovation
Gray, Rachel; Amelia B.
Cole & Wendy Griswold
AAACEThe contemplative approach and student
CASAE 2020 proceedings2432020Paper
Green, Wendy &
Catherine Hansman
AERCUnderstanding power, politics, and organizational
culture in order to effectively develop interdisciplinary partnerships
CASAE 2020 proceedings2512020Paper
Grover, AshleyReflections on trauma from within academia: Reading
educated as a PhD student with C-PTSD
Guo, Yan & Shibao GuoCASAEToward global mindedness: Exploring adult
learning  experiences of study
abroad students
CASAE 2020 proceedings266, 2752020Paper
Gutierrez, Jannette
Wei-Ting Wang
AAACEAttitudes toward homosexuality at a private college
in Taiwan
Hélène; Mohammed El Ourmi, France Arboix-Calas, Christophe
Leys, Todd Lubart & Rebecca Shankland
Assessment of the impact of the Mindfulness-Based
Ethics of Responsibility (MBER) program on indicators of creativity and other
soft skills
Haghgou, Shirin; Sara
Carpenter, Bahar Biazar, Chandni Desair, Genevieve Ritchie & Shahrzad
Teaching and learning through contradictions:
Migration and resettlement on occupied land
No file2021Roundtable
Hall, Budd & Catherine
CASAEChallenging the master’s tools: Pedagogies of
community-based participatory research
Hanser, ChristianESREAPublic pedagogies in a 'private' hut: Facilitating
civic sanctuary around the wood fire of a vagabond shed space
CASAE 2020 proceedings3002020Paper
Hansman, Catherine A. &
Amy D. Rose
ISCAEPolicy or boundaries: The development of the
academic field of adult education in Canada and the U.S., 1950-1970
Hanson, CindyCASAEColonial acts and critical voices: Adult education
for the public good
Harman, KerrySCUTREAThe possibilities of a Feminist Political
Aesthetics: Creating moments of equality in adult education research
Harrison, UrsulaALA“I learnt to look at the devil”:
Developing advocacy skills through learning in Neighbourhood Houses
Hegab, Menna A.Feminist philosophy of disability and university
No file2021Roundtable
Helsinger, Abigail; Nytasia
Hicks, Phyllis Cummins & Takashi Yamashita
AAACEDomestic and international perspectives on
implementing alternatives to finance lifelong learning
CASAE 2020 proceedings3112020Roundtable
Helsinger, Abigail; Samuel
Van Vleet & Phyllis Cummins
CASAEStrategies to provide learning opportunities to
low-skilled adults
Herscu-Kluska, Ronit; Sara
Pe'er & Shai Shafir
ESREAHow to teach science to older adults? Educators'
Higgins, Patricia J. &
Mitsunori Misawa
AERCWas it a dream or nightmare? A narrative
exploration of adult refugee learners’ experiences in a community
Hill, Lilian H. &
Isaac-Savage, E. Paulette
Program closures: What happens to faculty left
Ho, Yan Yin
& Lyndon Lim
SCUTREAConnecting characteristics with learning
behaviours: A report of learning behaviours exhibited by adult learners
pursuing tertiary education in an Asian context
CASAE 2020 proceedings3152020Paper
Hoggan, Chad & Bill
AAACETransformational learning in community collegesHoggan.pdf2021Paper
Holst, John D.AERCTowards a political economy of adult education and
globalization: Theoretical insights for confronting wicked problems in global
Home, Alice M.CASAEFostering mutual learning in a community-university
research project
Hutchinson, AmyAAACEFactors influencing community college students'
persistence in completing an applied science degree
Hwang, Jihee; Chang Sung
Jang, Junghwan Kim & In Tak Kwon
AERCLearning experiences and college access of American
workers: Evidence from PIAAC
CASAE 2020 proceedings??? missing?2020Paper
Ignatovich, LenaCASAEThe construction of lifelong education in the
Soviet Union in the 1970s: Re-reading the Faure Report (1972) from the Soviet
Ilieva-Trichkova, Petya
& Pepka Boyadjieva 
ESREAParticipation in adult education as a layered
process: Reconsidering the effects of social origin and innovation
Irving, Catherine J. &
Robin Neustaeter
CASAEOpening windows for collective dialogue: Learning
from local women’s voices for peace e-conference
Jiang, XiaoyingAERCChina’s international aid to adult educationJiang.pdf2021Poster
Jin, Bora & Elizabeth
CASAEOlder adults’ physical identity development
through learning: A grounded theory study
Jones, JayeAERC“They just don't invest in those
students…" Adult literacy education and the shift to career
readiness: Conversations with veteran educators in the US
CASAE 2020 proceedings3332020Paper
Jones, ShanikaAAACEWIA effectiveness: An analysis on workforce investment programs
and their effectiveness in creating job retention and earning potential
Jurkova, SinelaCASAETranscultural model of learning: A new horizon in
adult education
Kaiser, Leann; Kelly
McKenna & Kalpana Gupta
AAACEDistance adult education: Challenges and opportunities to
facilitate learning for a global audience
CASAE 2020 proceedings3472020Roundtable
Kaufmann-Kuchta, Katrin;
Diana Trevino-Eberhard, Anna Bernhardt & Sarah Widany
ESREAInternational comparison of adult education
Keser Aschenberger, Filiz;
Stefan Vater, Bettina Thöne-Geyer & Monika Kil
Re-considering the wider benefits of adult learning
in Europe
No file2021Roundtable
Tetyana & Chad Hoggan
AAACEDialogic rationality: A response to today's epistemological
Kobrin, JenniferAERCThe role of peer inquiry communities in advancing
technology integration for practitioners in adult basic education
CASAE 2020 proceedings3672020Roundtable
Kolenick, Paul M.CASAESocial presence as transformative learning: A
self-study of online graduate adult education
Kondratjuk, MariaLow-educated adults’ pathways to
opportunities in the labor market
No file2021Roundtable
Kopecký, MartinESREAPerspectives of the cosmopolitan turn in adult
education research: A Beckian inspiration
CASAE 2020 proceedings3782020Paper
Kroth, Michael; Davin J.
Carr-Chellman & Carol Rogers-Shaw
CASAEExploring the relationship of profound learning and
human flourishing through the lens of formation
Kteily-Hawa, Roula; Vijaya
Chikermane, Mandana Vahabi, Jaspreet Soor, Lori Chambers & Josephine Wong
CASAEStory sharing as a culturally relevant approach in
adult sexual health education
CASAE 2020 proceedings3852020Paper
Kühn, Christian &
Steffi Robak
ESREAAdult education research in the context of digital
transformation: Concepts and perspectives for a complex field of research
Kuk, Hye-SuAERCAdult education and the nation-state: A systematic
review of literature
CASAE 2020 proceedings3932020Paper
Kukovetz, Brigitte; Annette
Sprung & Petra Wlasak
CASAEExploring utopia for active urban citizenship in
the age of migration: A case study from Graz, Austria
Leitner, Karl-Heinz; Filiz
Keser Aschenberger, Susanne Giesecke, Robert Kalcik,  Doris Schartinger & Attila Pausits
Future of non-formal and informal learning: Trends,
drivers and possible paths of evolution
Lemmetty, SoilaESREASelf-directed workplace learning: Toward a
sociocultural viewpoint
Lewellen, Chelesea &
Jeremy Bohonos
The view from here is obstructed: Glass ceiling, concrete
ceiling and intersectionality: Additional barriers that prohibit career
success for African American women in the academy
No file2021Poster
Li, BeixiAERCBuilding intercultural maturity: Informal and
incidental learning among volunteers in adult ESL contexts
CASAE 2020 proceedings4012020Paper
Liang, SiyinCASAEInternational graduate learners' experiences of
internationalization in the formal curriculum
Lim, Ahreum; Aliki
Nicolaides & Chan Lee
AERCExploring the contextualizaiton of workplace
spirituality in South Korean startups
CASAE 2020 proceedings4082020Paper
Lucio-Villegas, EmilioESREABrideshead revisited: Raymond Williams, Antonio
Gramsci and an emancipatory adult education
CASAE 2020 proceedings4312020Paper
Lynam, Abigail & Steven
AERCDevelopment of ego stages and intercultural
sensitivity through doctoral study
Maltesen, Jeannie L.CASAEWhat characteristics account for who participates
in adult basic education at Vancouver Island University? A case of policy and
CASAE 2020 proceedings4442020Paper
Marsick, Victoria Jean
& Amra Sabic-El-Rayess
CASAETransformative learning and extremismMarsick.pdf2021Roundtable
Mason, StephanieCASAEUsing the material(ism)s given: Emerging themes of
material affect on adults’ informal learning within public places in
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
CASAE 2020 proceedings4532020Paper
May, Maricela & Jereny
W. Bohonos
CASAEFaculty development programs: The need for
evidence-based practice
Mayoh-Bauche, JamieCASAEDisrupting adult education program planning:
Creating a Spirals Model of emergent planning for creative, connected change
CASAE 2020 proceedings4602020Paper
McElhaney Peebles, CourtneyUsing culturally responsive evaluation to
understand research development learning communities
No file2021Roundtable
McGray, RobertCASAEHistoriography and Canadian adult education:
Mapping trends over forty years
McVicar, LindsaySocial movement learning among a feminist, prison
abolitionist advocacy organization: A basic qualitative study
No file2021Poster
Mirchandani, Kiran &
Skelton Tracey
Navigating the racial landscape: Youth experiences
of education and work in Singapore
No file2021Roundtable
Mizzi, Robert & Gerald
CASAEMoving beyond myopia: Queer pedagogy in globalized
adult education
CASAE 2020 proceedings4862020Paper
Mufic, JohannaESREAThe quality issue in Swedish municipal adult
CASAE 2020 proceedings4932020Paper
Munn, Sunny Lynne; Jeremy
Bohonos, Jill Zarestky, Joshua Collins & Tonette Rocco
AERCWriting and publishing for early career academicsMunn.pdf2021Panel
Murphy, MasonPoetry and adult learning: A creative method of
No file2021Roundtable
Murray, Michael; Bernie
The elephant in the room: Adult education,
schooling and the pedagogy of fear
No file2021Roundtable
Murray-Johnson, Kayon;
Edith Gnanadass & Maria Vetter
CASAEWhere do we go from here? Immigrant scholars on
race and the teaching of race
Nesbit, Tom; Ellen Boeren,
Sara Carpenter, Shahrzad Mojab, Kjell Rubenson, Shirley Walters & Jeff
CASAEAdult education and social classCASAE 2020 proceedings4992020Symposium
Neustaeter, RobinCASAEWomen’s peace leadership learning in dynamic
times: The role of adult educators
Nikischer, AndreaAAACEUniversal design for traumaNikischer.pdf2021Paper
Ollis, Tracey, Ursula
Harrison & Cheryl Ryan
ALA“Every day you learn something”: Adult
learning, discovery and transformation in Australian Neighbourhood Houses
Olszewski, Carol A. &
Catherine A. Hansman
AERCAction is demonstrative of critical reflection and
“disorienting dilemma” is démodé
Orozco, Luis EduardoCASAEImmigrants facing downward mobility: The role of
technology to access educational resources
Orozco, Luis Eduardo &
Regina Giraldo-Garcia
AAACEUnder social unrest: Using social media as an enabler for
CASAE 2020 proceedings7822020Poster
Park, Tulare Williams;
Carol Rogers-Shaw & Dorca Kisare-Ressler
AERCThird shift labor of advanced career learners:
Growing the adult education field
CASAE 2020 proceedings5342020Paper
Peña, Cindy; Jessica Quintero, Elizabeth Castañeda &
Sonia Rey Lopez
AERCA Chicana feminist epistemology in adult education:
A literature review
CASAE 2020 proceedings5422020Paper
Pethrick, HelenCASAELearners' experiences of mental distress during
first-year university: Narrating lives in transition
Phaetthayanan, SuwimonCASAETransfer of training between social life and work
life from a mindfulness perspective
Pickard, Amy & Bonnie
CASAEInternational online partnerships: Building
cooperative global citizenship amid local particularities
Pilch Ortega, AngelaCASAEAdult education and community learning:
Opportunities for social learning among distribution conflicts, social
vulnerability and solidarity building
Pilch Ortega.pdf2021Paper
Pippins, Esther S. &
Jeremy W. Bohonos
CASAEWhat is literacy, why does it matter in the
workforce, and why should organizations care?
Pope, Elizabeth M.; Nadira
K. Charaniya & Jane West Walsh 
A qualitative meta-synthesis for a theory of
interfaith/interreligious learning through dialogue
Pratt, Nancy M.; Wendy M.
Green, Marius Boboc & Catherine Hansman
AERCContinuing and community education as engaged
President, Marketa; Elice
E. Rogers & Jonathan E. Messemer
AERCDisability matters: IDEIA, Section 504, and ADA:
What do these acts mean for African American learners who experience
intellectual disabilities? A critical literature review
Raikou, NatassaCASAERedefining adulthood: Students’ emerging
adulthood and the role of university in adult development and education
Ramdeholl, Dianne; Jaye
Jones & Lisa Merriweather
CASAEUnderstanding social justice: Learning and
movements in adult education (Part II)
CASAE 2020 proceedings5642020Symposium
Rasmussen, Palle; Marcella
Milana, Sandra Vatrella & Anne Larson
ISCAEHow the OECD’s PIAAC survey enters the
popular press discourse in Italy and Denmark
Regmi, KapilCASAEPolitical economy of program planning: Towards a
new planning model for adult education
CASAE 2020 proceedings5962020Paper
Reischmann, Jost; John
Henschke, John Holford, Katarina Popovic & Tom Sork
ISCAEGiants of international and comparative adult
CASAE 2020 proceedings6042020Panel
Ren, Zheng; Hongxia Shan
& Yonghong Ma
CASAEAcademic learning of Chinese international visiting
doctoral students: An exploratory study of the impact of academic mobility
Roadman, JessicaAERCThe power of the mindbody: Collective somatic
learning in community organizing groups
Rogers-Shaw, Carol; Tulare
Williams Park & Kayla D. Mohney
CASAELife transitions and disability: The role of adult
Rose, Susan & Davin
CASAEOrganic mentoring: An integrative literature reviewRose.pdf2021Paper
Ross, Sherri & Kaela
CASAERecognizing and overcoming the real risks of
fiction: Lessons about incorporating popular culture into professional
education curriculum
CASAE 2020 proceedings339? 
Jubas first author?
Ross-Gordon, Jovita; Anke
Grotlüschen, M Cecil Smith, Thomas J. Smith, Amy D. Rose, Jill Zarestky
& Marion Fleige
AERCDifferences between US and German adults in
native-born and migrants’ participation in volunteering as a dimension
of civic engagement
CASAE 2020 proceedings6122020Paper
Roy, Carole & Lindsay
CASAEThe practice of freedom: A case study of a film and
discussion series in a carceral setting
CASAE 2020 proceedings6192020Paper
Rubenson, Kjell; Ellen
Boeren, SongHeee Han, Shirley Walters & Ashley Stepanek
CASAETowards a more inclusive discourse on adult
learning and education (ALE): A critical examination of the role of the
Global Report on Adult Learning (GRALE) program
CASAE 2020 proceedings6262020Symposium
Sabah, NajmusCASAEAdult education practices in northern Pakistan: A
thematic literature review and critique from a development perspective
Samuel, AnitaA new conceptualization of online teaching: Revelations from a
dramaturgical perspective
No file2021Roundtable
Samuel, Anita & Ronald
Adult education implications from a scoping review
of CPD in Health Professions Education
No file2021Poster
Santiago, ElizabethAERCAccelerating literacy for adult learnersSantiago.pdf2021Roundtable
Santos, Humberto de Faria;
Cindy Peña & Joellen E. Coryell
CASAEA fourfold model for addressing organizational
digital ethics practices through HRD and continuing education
Scott, Heidi K.; Rusty
Vineyard, Laura Holyoke, Davin Carr-Chellman & Michael Kroth
CASAEGrounded and visionary: An investigation into
profound leadership
Shan, Hongxia; Amy Chen,
Nasim Peikazadi & Yeonjoo Kim
CASAEFostering diversity work as lifelong learning: A
partnership case study with an immigrant services organization
Shin, Heh YounAERCA critical examination of immigrant integration
policies and adult education practices in South Korea
CASAE 2020 proceedings6342020Roundtable
Slade, Bonnie; Maria
Gravani, Larrissa Jogi & Maria Brown
SCUTREALearner-centred education and adult education for
migrants: A cross-case analysis of programmes for adult migrants in four
European cities
Sondermeyer, Elizabeth G.
& Leslie Cordie
CASAEFaculty learning communities: Peer collaboration as
professional development
Sousa, José WellingtonCASAESouth and North in dialogue: Are new possibilities
for a decolonizing community-based research practice possible?
St. Clair, Ralf & Bernd
CASAEMade in Germany, matured abroad: Andragogy as token
in global adult education
Stevens, Cynthia &
Gabriele Strohschen
Prior learning assessment re-theorizing: Refueling the
No file2021Roundtable
Sun, Qi & Haijun KangCross-cultural scholarship beyond
"authentic" cuisine: A narrative inquiry
No file2021Roundtable
Tabbagh, Diane & Leone
ALAWyndham City: A tale of steady progress towards a
sustainable learning community
CASAE 2020 proceedings6472020Paper
Taber, Nancy & Ashley
CASAEPedagogies of gender in war museums in Canada,
Europe, and the UK: A feminist antimilitarist discourse analysis
CASAE 2020 proceedings6562020Paper
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She can see success from here but I can't: The
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No file2021Roundtable
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AAACEBuilding morphological assessments for struggling
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in Central Appalachia
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CASAEExtending the Theory of Planned Behavior: The role
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subjects of articles published during two decades in an indexed Portuguese
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CASAEUniversity extension programs and residential
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adult education to assist suicide loss survivors
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