Gratham, Christopher


He/ Him/ His

Job Title

Professor and Department Head, Geography


Capilano University

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

EdD, 2016


Educational Studies – General

Christopher Gratham is Professor and Head of the Geography Department at Capilano University, where he has worked for more than thirty years. In addition to these Geography commitments, Chris has also spent time seconded to leadership roles in Capilano’s Educational Technology and New Media Centres, where he was instrumental in creating Canada’s first OpenCourseWare (Open Educational Resources) repository. In those roles, Chris’s team developed an award winning learning management system and contributed to UNESCO’s research into OER.

Chris’s first two UBC degrees are in Atmospheric Science and he worked as a Meteorologist for Environment Canada prior to committing to working full-time in higher education.

After teaching for many years, Chris’s most puzzling questions shifted from specifics in the field of Geography to questions about education, which led to enrolling in UBC’s doctoral programme in Educational Leadership and Policy. Chris’s dissertation research focussed on faculty members’ relationships and perspectives on educational technologies. As satisfying as this research was, Chris feels that the most profound and lasting effects of this time resulted from the required time to reflect upon his practice, the exposure to new (to him) academic and theoretical perspectives, and the interactions with his colleagues and Professors.