Lo-Voo, Grace

Job Title



Vancouver Christian School

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MEd, 2005


Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL)



Grace is a principal, a counsellor, a teacher, interested in leadership issues, inclusive education, and innovative research on How to Improve Student Learning.

Grace studied at Simon Fraser University (B.Sc., Biology) followed by their Professional Development Program (Specialization in International Education). She has taught in the Richmond public school district and in a few international schools in Asia. Grace obtained her Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of British Columbia (M.Ed. 2005, UBC). Her published research was on teacher mentorship, and best practices on how principals can support newly beginning teachers by looking at leadership structures & policies within school systems.

Grace completed her second Masters in Counselling Psychology at UBC (M.Ed. 2015, UBC). She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC Association of Clinical Counsellors) as well as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association). Her clinical research was on how trauma-informed approaches can heal families and communities. Grace feels a strong burden to be an advocate and bring healing. In the past few years, she has advocated for the relaunching of the Gifted Children Association of British Columbia, and supports the work at Soma Counselling and Family Resources. Grace has worked in both the educational system and community setting with immigrant children and youths, children and youths with moderate to intensive behavioural concerns, and children and youth with special needs.

Grace is currently the High School Principal at Vancouver Christian School. Her teachers and staff are creative and passionate about transforming students through education in the city of Vancouver. She is proud to lead them because of their resiliency in life and faith.

As a skilled speaker and an active member of the global community, Grace finds joy in mentoring educators, teachers and counsellors.

Grace recharges by painting, journalling, and spending time outdoors. Grace considers herself an ‘amateur photographer’ who loves to take snapshots for pleasure to remember people, places, feelings, moments. She loves a cup of matcha latte while having a conversation about life.