Fisher, Jonathan


He/ Him/ His

Job Title

Pre-Doctoral Instructor


University of Washington, Seattle

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MEd, 2014


Society, Culture and Politics in Education (SCPE)


Seattle, Washington, USA

After graduating from UBC I moved back to Hiroshima, Japan with my spouse, Yuco. I eventually became one of the first fully licensed non-Japanese citizens to teach public school in Hiroshima Prefecture. Since 2020 I have been splitting my time between Hiroshima and Seattle, where I am working towards a PhD in Social and Cultural Foundations of Education. I currently teach an undergraduate course in the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. The theme of the course is the history of education in the United States. Also, I serve as a steward for my academic student employees union, UAW Local 4121. My two children are Oliver Kiyotake (age 7) and Sophia Chidori (age 5).