Wolfe, Michael


He/ Him/ His

Job Title

Richmond City Councillor and Science Teacher


City of Richmond and Richmond School District

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MEd, 2018


Education for Sustainability (EfS)


Richmond, BC, Canada

Since completing my degrees (B.Sc., B.Ed., and M.Ed.) from UBC, I have worked as a secondary school science teacher. In addition to my career as an educator, I have been actively politically, including running in 10 elections (federal, provincial, and municipal) and was elected to city council in the fall of 2018. My EDST coursework, helped mold me into a lifelong learner, being able to bridge my experiences and decisions that I make on a day-to-day, between both careers. My professors and the projects I worked on have provided me with emerging strategies of knowing, immersive field school experiences, and mentorship opportunities to expand my network. I’m grateful for the Department of Educational Studies and have taken great strides into my alumni years.