Vered, Nancy




Job Title

Director of Finance and Administration



EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

EdD, 2019


Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL)


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nancy Vered is recently retired from the University of British Columbia after a 25-year management career in the faculties of Medicine, Arts, and Science. During that period, she had the opportunity to leave UBC for several years to manage an international language school in downtown Vancouver. Her career as a higher education professional involved comprehensive administrative experience in both the public and private domestic and international education sectors. Her responsibilities ranged from management of finances, human resources, and facilities, to overseeing curriculum development, and health and safety. She served on numerous committees and boards that were responsible for strategic planning as well as policy and procedure development and implementation. Nancy has broad international experience garnered from living, working, and volunteering abroad. Her breadth of experience includes working with international language students, education marketing in Turkey and Russia; curriculum development training in Vietnam, mentoring faculty in Myanmar, consulting for Mongolian higher education reform, and volunteering in Ecuador and Tanzania. As well as certificates in University and College Administration and in Intercultural Communication, Nancy holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and her doctorate is in Education Leadership and Policy. Her thesis looked at the organizational and occupational identities of management and professional staff at UBC using identity theory, third space theory, and sensemaking. Since retiring, Nancy has returned to her love of writing and editing and is currently working as an academic editor. She continues to travel extensively for both pleasure and to volunteer in capacity building projects around the world.