Ogunfeibo, Oladipupo


He/ Him/ His

Job Title

Co-investigator and Research Assistant



EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MEd, 2020


Curriculum and Leadership (CULE)


Vancouver, Canada

Dipo is a teacher and researcher interested in the social and historical contexts that shape classroom teaching and learning. He completed an MEd in Curriculum and Leadership (a joint program between EDST and EDCP) at UBC. He also holds a B.Ed in Social Studies from the Obafemi Awolowo University and an M.Ed degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Lagos, in Nigeria. Dipo worked extensively for over ten years in elementary and middle schools, holding teaching and leadership positions. He also worked on educational projects that developed a curriculum framework to integrate Nigeria, British and Dutch school streams. Dipo was a collaborator on the UBC Antiracism Teacher Education Project and was the first author on their first report: 2019/202 Survey on Antiracism for Teacher Education Candidates. He is currently a co-investigator and research assistant on the Diverse Career Paths of Educational Studies Alumni.

Email: olafeibo@yahoo.com