Lyakhovetska, Regina



Job Title

International Education Specialist


International Education Consulting

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MA, 2003


Educational Administration and Leadership (EDAL)

Regina Lyakhovetska is an international education professional with expertise in international student services, study abroad programs and international partnerships development. She is also an English teacher, writer and translator. Regina has a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration and Leadership and a Certificate in Intercultural Communication from UBC. Regina came to UBC in 1999 as an international graduate student from Ukraine. Prior to that, she was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and an intern at the Library of Congress doing research in language and style of poetry for children. At UBC, Regina became passionate about helping other international students and saw the need for their greater integration. Along with a dedicated team of student leaders, she advocated for international student issues in her role as the Founder of the International Students Association. Upon graduation, she worked for over a decade supporting international and exchange students at UBC and at King’s University College at Western University. She benefited from excellent professional development programs including the International Educators Training Program at Queen’s University, NAFSA Managing Development Program and the UBC Training for Intercultural and Diversity Trainers. Regina published on international student experiences at UBC, the UBC differential tuition policy, the UBC International Peer Program and internationalization of Canadian universities. The UBC Global Citizenship report authored by her was called the seminal study on global citizenship in Canada at the CBIE conference in 2004. For her contributions to student life and learning environment, Regina was recognized with the Margaret Fulton Award at UBC and a Service Recognition Award at King’s. More recently, Regina has served as the English Language Consultant and a creative writer for the companies in Ukraine that are expanding their global reach. To celebrate her father’s jubilee this year, Regina has collaborated with twenty partners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Ukraine to promote his poetry. She has recently participated in a Vancouver Co-op Radio show along with her father. Regina dedicated her part to the many great colleagues and students who she has worked with in Canada, to her UBC professors, and to her parents, all of whom have taught her the world.