Gillard, Spring




Job Title

Coordinator, English Conversation Program


UBC Learning Exchange

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

MA, 2016


Adult Learning and Education (ALE)


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spring Gillard is an educational planner with nearly three decades of experience in the field. She is currently the Coordinator of the English Conversation Program at the UBC Learning Exchange in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. She has developed and delivered experiential educational programs for a variety of clients from non-profits to government, educational institutions to corporations. She also co-facilitated a tour-based course in applied sustainability at Simon Fraser University for six years. Drawing on her communications background, Spring is known for her innovative curriculum design and unique approaches to engaging with community. For many years, she was actively involved in the local food scene, working with diverse populations and cultures in an effort to increase access to healthy food. Spring is the author of two books on food security and blogs at She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Education from UBC.