Xiao, Yao


He/ Him/ His

Job Title

Sessional Instructor


The University of British Columbia

EDST Degree/s and graduation year/s

PhD, 2017


Educational Studies – General


Richmond, BC, Canada

I am a Cantonese-Hakka immigrant on unceded Coast Salish lands. In 2017 I completed my PhD research “Chinese pride? Searching between gendered diasporas and multicultural states”. Now I am teaching ethics and diversity education at the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. I have worked in international educational programs for about two years and have contributed to local public arts/literature/history projects through collaboration with writers/artists including Lydia Kwa, Laiwan, and Paul Wong. My community commitment includes collaboration with The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education (https://ccie.educ.ubc.ca), Vancouver Chinatown Generations Society (http://ycc-yvr.com), Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice (https://www.yarrowsociety.ca), and Evergreen News (https://successbc.ca/evergreen-news). Currently I am part of a voluntary community research team working to unpack the complex histories and stories of the 1923 Chinese Immigration Act, also commonly known as the Chinese Exclusion Act (https://1923-chinese-exclusion.ca). My recent scholarly work appeared in journals such as Cultural Studies, Critical Arts, and Postcolonial Directions in Education. I am a writer/translator/researcher/listener.