Zahra Rasul

Zahra’s Story

Tell us more about your (current or previous) position. Describe your role.

I am the Founder, Owner, and Director a full-service educational consulting firm that specializes in delivering high-quality educational services and content to private clients, schools, and families across the world. I have 40+ full time staff and over 2000 clients in 15 countries. My role is involves both doing client-facing work (which I love) and running the business (which I don’t love as much!).

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Being an entrepreneur is challenging in any field. Most territory is uncharted and you have be creative and flexible in creating a product or service that both adds value to the world and feels values-aligned. When you add children to the mix (I have three), these challenges are amplified. The greatest challenges I have faced have also been opportunities for the most growth—personally and professionally. Birthing three children in four years and then raising them, while managing a time-intensive and stressful career where I am accountable to hundreds of young adults at critical junctures of their own lives, never ceases to be a challenge. I have found that engaging in creative disruption, trying new things, reaching out to mentors and advisors, and trusting my intuition are often the most reliable ways to manage these challenges.